💯 NYCLIFE’s BMW May, X3-- 8.25%, 24' X5-- 8.25%, X7-- 5.25%, 5series- 10.25% off, Northeast + DMV area + shipping

Need ix50. Please let me know how to contact

Is there calculator on X5M to understand the payment? What is the color config?

Hey CarQ, I sent you an email about a 540i.

can you send specs of x5m?

Shoot us a DM.

How do I get in contact with you? You don’t answer emails

Interested in leasing the x5m demo

Shoot me a PM!

Can’t believe we still have this, w/ loyalty under $1500 p/m + Msds + tax + fees.

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We are running thin on our X5 allocations, get yours in before we are all out.

8.25% off

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x5m comp any available 2024?

Any 330 e coming?

I’m looking to lease x5 demo or loaner 2023 or 2024

In stock 2023 BMW iX M60

13.25% off. Only two available

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Hi Quentin,

In the market for an X5 m60i or X5M, but may be interested in an iX M60 as well. Planning to have the misses test drive this weekend. Can you share details of the build code for the two iX M60s currently available?

Shoot me a PM

Hey Quentin,

Are there any i5 deals out there or coming soon ?

Also, interested to find out about 2023 X5e monthly numbers.


Same here - very interested

No i5s right now

sent a PM.