💯 NYCLIFE’s BMW March, X3-- 6.25%, X5-- 9.25%, X7-- 5.25%, 5series-- 10.25% off, Northeast + DMV area + shipping

Do you have a calculator link for the i4’s you mentioned?
Also, builds perhaps?

Interested in an x5 m60, too soon for availability?

any 23 or 22s in stock? I want to finance an x5, ready to pull the trigger

hi, can i have a window sticker or configuration of the Sq 5 prestige? thank u

None sorry! all out of the 24s at 9.25% for now.

Hello. Do you have any m340s anywhere in the Northeast at the moment? If not, do you have allocations available for a build? Thanks!

Are any X5’s available?

thank u for replying. I’m interested in this sq5. can I have specific configuration, like black optic, sport package, or something else? is it in stock? i am in NYC. can I pick it up?

any 2024 x5s ?

We just received more X5s through another source.

We are at 7.25% for these 2024 models.

Starting from: $819 p/m +inceptions/msds
must have BMW loyalty

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 2.23.19 PM

I4 Inbound - 6.25% off
$505 p/m +inceptions/msds
no incentives needed

2023 BMW IX50i inbound

$999 p/m+ inceptions/msds
no incentives required

Are X5 M60is (or 23 M50is) available at this discount?

Those are just 40is, I have one M50i I can do 8% on, instock.

What the specs on m50?

Same ones as before, nothing with the 22" rims if that’s what you are getting at.

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Lol. Thank you

Is any 2024 X5 40i available?

Please see the above!

Great Deal! You know how long does it take to get it?

What color combos are the i4 going to be

Could you let me know what the options are on the i4?