💯 NYCLIFE’s BMW JULY X1- 9.5%, X3-10%, X5- 10.25%, X7-9.5%, IX- 12.5% off, Northeast + DMV area + shipping. BASE MF!

This was another brokers deal on a new x3 m40 deal a few months ago. I changed the percentage up to both 7% rate which is what most people are offering now or about that. And then I did it for 15% also like your loaner is. Both are at 0 MSDs BY THE WAY. Yours is $700 with MSDs and inceptions. Which is insane and without MSDs it’s nearly $750 a month for a loaner at “15%” off.

The point is it seems like these “percentage” discount is deceiving now. At 15% the payment should be way lower especially considering that this payment is with MSDs and inceptions and you must have loyalty.

On demos you have to pay for the miles, on all of them, you can argue this with BMWFS.

And there is a significant savings based on your other screenshot.

If these aren’t based on “actual” other deals from this month, the comment has no value to anyone

Share your calculator links instead of screenshots with limited info.

You’re 100% missing something. You most likely have the wrong MSRP or discount in your top screenshot.

Using the same MSRP @ 7% off, no MSDs, and the loyalty MF (.0018) it comes out to about $800/month. Not $622. Numbers don’t lie.

It shows the msrp on the screenshots. But now it makes sense since he said that the buyer needs to pay for the loaner miles. The one I showed isn’t a loaner. It’s a car with 0 miles

Also the MF is .0021 on the M40

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You’re missing the fact that incentives & mf were different many months ago - .00180 was buy rate (vs .00210 now) and there was an additional $1k in lease cash. Even with the mileage penalty this is a stellar deal for whomever buys it. :clap: - Feel free to landfill my comment and this trolls

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I’m telling you, you’re missing something. Share the calculator link I’ll prove it.

You can put this MSRP ($65,650) in there with 7% discount and a money factor of ZERO, no dealer or government fees, and it comes out to $701 a month just on the depreciation. There is no way your calculator screenshot with a $622 payment is correct. Zero percent chance.

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I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he made a mistake in his calculation. Most likely he’s putting 15% off new instead of the 7% he claims. Or, as you said, he’s just trolling….

I’ve also noticed when you play around with numbers too much on the calculator it sometimes stops calculating accurately and need to refresh.

Any 2024 530i xdrive new or loaner? in NYC.

Is the x3m40i loaner still available? What options does it have?

Yes this is still avail.

Here are our new numbers, IX is a steal along with i4/i5!

Instock I5 we can do 13.5% off, order 12.5%

@nyclife is there a list of the in stock i5 models you can offer 13.5% off? Is that discount the same no matter which trim? I’d be looking for a 36 month 15k/yr lease. Located in MD


Do you qualify for bmw loyalty if you have an older bmw that is no longer financed?

We will not post all of the models available, if there is something instock you qualify for let me know.

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Hello… any deals for 3 series in Florida?

Hi, interested in an i4 40xe. Sent you a PM.


Brand new vehicle. 14% OFF.


Alpine White/Black
Sport Pkg
Multi functional Seats
22" rims

$606/mo + inceptions/msds

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