💯 NYCLIFE NOV Updated VOLVO deals! BEST on LH Volvo deals [NY/NJ/PA/CT]

Hello . What color options you have on 2019 xc60. And would you ship to Highlands ranch ,co 80126?

Hi, I lived in zip code 11355 credit score 644 and co-sign credit score 800 (if needed). Looking for 36/10k.

  1. How much is everything roll in and zero down when sign for the below vehicle:

a. XC60 T6 Momentum
b. 2020 XC90 T5

  1. What is the MSD? Is it a security deposit requirement for Volvo car leasing for everyone?


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do you still have any of the XC60 T6 Momentum that’s pegged at $350 a month?

I’m at 11577.
Motivated to get something quick.

Price drop on the XC60 T6R, now $389+tax. Fully loaded. As always the LOWEST here on LH. These won’t last.

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Great price but man NYS tax makes a great deal turn ugly fast haha.

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I want the XC60, sent you a message

We had an amazing record LH Volvo month last month, lets kick this one off right. With the best NY/NJ Volvo deals around!!

Update for OCT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P0uNQI0I2ZEyHvSB5bdU5sWnglQgVwaq8chG-LhiBX8/edit?usp=sharing

Notables Include:

2020 XC90
2019 S60
2020 XC60 T6/T5
2019 XC60 T6R


How much addnl is the loyalty on xc90 t5 or t6?

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$500 extra rebate!

Is it 6 months pull ahead on XC60s? Garh, was hoping to have a look at switching mine in a couple of months looks like I’ll have to wait until May.

It was. @nyclife can confirm if it’s still the case

thank you!!!

Are these prices valid for out of state? I am in Virginia.

For BMW yes, you have to pick it up in person though!

Thanks alot. I am willing to travel to NY to pick up in person. But I was interested in Volvo XC60 T6 from your Oct spreadsheet but i am assuming it might not work for Volvo, being an out of state

are these volvos awd?

@nyclife is there pull ahead for x90?

I have 6months left and Im looking for another suv

Loyalty pullahead yes, 6 months.

Yes all awd aside from the S60 T5

Can you elaborate? Loyalty was not applicable on pull-ahead.