NYCLIFE May EQE500 SUV, 11% off [NY/NJ/PA/CT]

Sorry im late to the game, is this deal still available? The EQS450? Can i do a 24 month?

No Ohio buyers?

Interested. Is this deal still available

Hello, I DM’d you and also sent an email

Updated top post, sorry I can’t get to everyone, we don’t have many of these and they are being sold on a first come/first serve basis.


Any deals on a EQE or EQS SUV? I am in NJ.

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The EQE is available in the first post

Need SUV, not sedan please.

How much to ship to FL?

do you have eqe suv ?

We have one EQE500 SUV at 9% off.

Whts the number on 500

Can you pls provide details on the EQE suv? I’m in Nj

EQE500 Deal:

Including Sam’s club