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What’s the process?
First, we find the car you are looking for and confirm numbers with you to make sure is to find the car you are looking for and at the price you are looking for. Once confirmed, we ask for $100 upfront.

After the retainer fee is paid, I will send you a link to a dealer credit app, 100% secure to input your information.

Once approved, we schedule a time for you to pickup the vehicle! Once picked up the remainder of our fee is due and you are on the road in your brand new car!


These Audi deals are CRAZY!!


A3 Premium Quattro: Ibis White/Black
Convenience Pkg + All weather mats.
$333+ tax/fees 39/7.5

Audi A4 Premium Plus Quattro: (other options avail)
$387+ tax/fees 39/7.5

Glacier White/Black interior
Premium Plus Package
Cold Weather Package

Audi Q5 Premium Quattro
$362+ tax/fees 39/7.5

Monsoon Gray Metallic/ Black interior
Convenience Package
Panoramic Sunroof
All-Weather Mats

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Updated with better numbers!

2019 A6 3.0t Premium Plus sold, none left!

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Quentin, most all deals are for 7.5K miles which is hardly enough for daily driving for most people. Is there a reason these Audi deals are based on 7.5K.?
Approx how much does it add to figures for 15K miles?


If that is not enough mileage for you, no worries!!

In each deal I’ve provided the calculator so you can modify it to the mileage that works best for you!

Can you help me get a lease deal in south Florida?
Looking into a q8 prestige.

Cool bro 20202020

money factor is off on the A3.

should be .00025 for 39 months, calculator link says .00005

yo that sq5 is solid for ny and no msd… premium plus I’ll assume?

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Wow, these numbers are juicy. Don’t even need incentives, great deals Q!

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Fixed it, with these super-low residuals I also managed to swap the months and residual

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Yes that one is a premium plus!

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Thank you! I aim to please!

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Hey Quentin I sent you a PM

Didn’t get it, mind resending?

It won’t allow me to send any more PMs for another 24 hours. If you PM me I will be able to reply right away.

Updated with S5 and S4