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Enjoy the car Jackson!!


I’m going to piggyback off of Jackson’s post above because we pretty much got the same car except mine was black on black. Also like Jackson, a semi autonomous package like Pilot Assist was a must have for me. I was only considering BMW or Infiniti before Quentin suggested getting a Volvo instead. Would definitely want to work with him again if he’s up for it. We spent close to 3 months going back and forth between different cars and he was very professional throughout the entire process. My 3 hours at the dealership was not as smooth as Jackson’s, but that was not Quentin’s fault.

$527/month with $0 DAS aside for MSD’s, 55k MSRP, NYC area.


Enjoy the car Wilbur!!


Off topic but do you do a lot of Maserati GranTurismo leases? I may be interested in your services.


nice car, how many MSD for this beautiful XC60?


Had my 2019 Infiniti QX60 delivered yesterday afternoon. Having leased multiple autos, SUVs with usual and painful ritual negotiations this was the most straightforward and enjoyable.
I have already recommended Quentin to friends and family for his outstanding service.
I’ll be calling when Ghibli is due for replacement.


Thank you Quentin for helping me get my 2019 Volvo XC60 T5 AWD Inscription at a fantastic price! My only regrets are in not getting the Advanced Drivers Assist package (semi auto pilot) and that I didnt take full advantage of your services by reaching out to you a few weeks earlier! :slight_smile:


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Quentin is a pleasure to deal with. As I started my BMW X3 search I asked Quentin several questions and his response time was excellent and always friendly. If you do not want to spend countless hours negotiating with car dealers Quentin should be your first call.


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Just an FYI to everyone, I’ve gotten a few questions about this… I am NOT an insurance broker. I don’t know where to begin in that field.


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