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Thank you!!


Get well soon Quentin! Warm wishes.


Get well soon. Also, there is a vaccine for pneumonia, talk to your doctor if it makes sense for you to get it in the future.


Get well soon


Thank you everyone!! Trying to power through.


Please don’t power through. Pneumonia is serious it knocks you down, don’t make it knock you out. Play old man for a bit, you won’t ever regret it.


I caught it last year around this time and I’m still not fully over it, do not attempt to power through it.


Wow. Take care and rest up Quentin. Hope you get well soon.


Get well soon dude!

I will be needing your assistance when you are up and running again :slight_smile:


Have to agree - Pneumonia is no joke and that it went misdiagnosed for so long is worse. Put up an out of office message and take care of yourself - the cars (and customers) aren’t going anywhere.


I wouldn’t go to an urgent care on a continued bases.


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Wow, get plenty of rest. Def make an appointment with a family physician instead of urgent care. My husband had the same thing 2 yrs ago, he took almost a week off. He hadn’t take sick time off from work for more than 10 yrs.


get well soon…


Here to leave feedback for @nyclife on a successful lease deal for a 2019 M550i. He answered all my questions and helped navigate the experience so that I didn’t ever speak to the dealership until the deal was done. This was done over the last week and a half - so to hear he had pneumonia during that time, wow I’m sorry for txting you so much! Hope you get better soon dude!

Great guy to do business with. Will go to again for the future.


Eliot, enjoy the car! Truly a beast!


elone ~ nets fan elone ?


Small world. Yup that’s me.


lol @usererror here :wink:

Nice car btw!


Reached out to Quentin 13 day ago and worked out a deal to drive home with a 2019 Volvo QC60 T5 AWD with advanced and premium packages yesterday. I’ve never used a broker for a lease before and the process was so simple I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I simply told him what I was looking for along with my budget and he came back with some options.

Best part is that I was in and out of the dealership in less than 30 minutes. Would recommend his service to anyone.
Thanks again!

edit: Here’s some more details for the deal:
2019 XC60 T5 AWD
Premium package + Advanced package (pilot assist was a must for us)
20 inch wheels.

We’re at 395/mo with Taxes, fees, first month and msds due at signing.