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I didn’t send one message… now I’m a rude and aggressive person, have no courtesy, and do nothing. Point taken.

Just as a side note, I brought it to my dealer, they said no. So I did do something.

BTW, you did state that you didn’t want to pay my broker fee until I got quotes for a specific car. So, why would I break my policy again for you?

Just sounds like you are an angry person, that doesn’t want to pay.


Now you are just being dishonest. So here is the exact message I sent you

"Fair enough.

Would you mind letting me know if the cars you have include the following?

  1. rear view camera
  2. reverse radar (the beeping radar so we dont hit anything when we reverse)
  3. blind spot monitor
  4. keyless entry (so we can leave keys in our pocket)

I understand as a broker you dont want to reveal too much detail because people go behind your back and take cars. I think thats super asshole move, and I wouldn’t do that. 1) cuz I dont have time to make phone calls and would rather pull my teeth than haggle (I got some crazy deals on my own and dont care to do it again). 2) its dishonest and I respect you guys are trying to make a living

at the same time I dont want to pay a retainer fee until I know I have a car in mind that im ready to get. I understand if it was a car im getting you to do research from scratch…but in this case it seems like you already have some deals ready to go.

I hope that sounds reasonable. Thanks"

If you didn’t agree to that, then you should have said “sorry, thats not how I operate, I dont think we can agree to do business”. I think the members in this group can judge for themselves.

If others think my request stated above is wrong, then I need to rethink how I approach brokers.

I’m sorry if you think I’m angry. Not once in my post was i mad. I’m just calling you out for your dishonest posts towards me.


I think you made your point. Just drop it + move on. You’re beating a dead horse at this point. @nyclife owed up to not replying back. Mistakes happen.


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This is a review of Quentin for a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL (new body type) unlimited sport that he helped me lease back in May for 365/ month, zero down, 39 months, and 12,000 Miles.

More about the car:
Base price: 30,995
Color: granite crystal
Engine: 3.6L V6

Optional equipment:
Customer preferred package (3,200$)
Technology group (995$)
8 speed automatic transmission (2,000$)

Destination charge: 1,445$
TOTAL PRICE: 38,635$

I told him what I wanted, within a few days he had a couple of cars to show me in the colors I wanted (they were flying off the lots at this point). I picked one, he worked out the deal, gave me the final price, I gave the ok and went to the dealer to pick it up. Between texting and emailing Quentin back and forth to the time I spend at the dealership I would say it took me a total of 1.5 hours work to get my car (2.5 hrs if you include commuting to the dealer.)

I waited 45 minutes at the dealership (would’ve been less but there was a customer ahead of me). The deal was already worked out so I literally just signed some paperwork and walked out the door. The car is amazing and I love everything about it. The whole process was extremely simple and straightforward. I have already recommended his services to friends and I will definitely be using him again when my lease is up. Thanks Quentin!


Quentin just helped to finalized a 2018 Clarity lease. $244/mo 36 months at 10k miles.

Reached out to Quentin on Saturday afternoon. Picked up the car on Monday. Extremely easy process and Quentin was responsive and professional. All this while Quentin was sick as a dog. All in all great experience and will definitely recommend his services!


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Quentin helped me lease two vehicles in two months. The first was a total loss due flooding from Florence and the second was the replacement. Both great deals. My dealership couldn’t even come close.

He also went above and beyond when it came time to deal with my insurance company.

I found him through the forum and reached out to him about 6 months prior to the end of my lease and he was very helpful and responsive.

I rarely refer or recommend people, but this young man is doing an incredible job.

First X2 Total Loss


Second X2 (they didn’t drill the front bumper on this one!!!).


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Hey… I sent you a request asking for Honda Clarity lease, you responded once stating that what you posted is for NY and for NJ it will be more. Then I asked for a quote and you never came back! Anyways… I got it directly from the dealer for an Amazing price!


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No problem, glad it all worked out! Note I do take budgets very seriously. You told me your budget was 250, you are now paying 299. Had I known the budget was higher I probably would have been able to help


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Kudos to Quentin for a deal on a 2019 QX50 Essential. Saved over $2K total on a 39/12K lease compared to what I was able to negotiate on my own (tried 4 different dealers in NJ). The best part was delivery to my house. Took only 10 minutes to sign the paperwork.

Quentin was easy to work with and no surprises. Highly recommended!


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Just a note, I’ve been sick for the last two months as some of you may have noticed. Unfortunately, the urgent care places are just a cash grab (and perform any test possible to run up a bill). After 3 chest xrays, 3 blood tests, saying I should be feeling fine, and just take advil… they’ve finally diagnosed me with pneumonia (also said I probably had it the whole time, but they “missed” it). I should be back soon, but will be in and out for the next week or so.


Holy crap, Get well soon, that just sucks. Rest and drink plenty of fluids as they like to say and of course take an advil. Feel better :mask: