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Unfortunately didn’t have a great experience, similar to
A few other people on this thread. I reached out to Quentin and outlined 4 cars I was interested (X5, Q7, GLE, and XC90). He responded quickly asking for my budget and I said up to $700/month. He told me I could afford any of those (which I knew) and gave me some basic info on each. I asked if he had any advice on which were leasing better in his opinion and never heard back. I’ll chalk it up to a busy time of the year but was hoping for a more consultative approach. Maybe providing 4 cars didn’t give him enough direction, but was looking for him to rule some out that were just not leasing well and/or connections he has to get a great deal.


Quentin was fantastic to work with. I knew I wanted an XC60 in a specific color and he was able to find it and provide me a few options. Told him our budget was 575 and the options we were hoping for. He was able to get one for a little over 500. Thanks a lot Quentin!

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Got to know Quentin from one of my friends, who used Quentin’ service recently and highly recommended him. Quentin was great to work with. He was very patient and answered lots of my questions before I made final decision. I originally looked for a X5, and then XC60, and then QX60. Every time, Quentin could find some reasonable deals for me.Finally with his help, I got a QX60 with home delivery. The process was very smooth and the paperwork only took 15 minutes. Quentin saved me lots of time. Thank you, Quentin. I will definitely get back to you when I am ready to get myself a new BMW.


After a couple weeks of negotiations with local dealers, I gave Quentin a shot. I wish it did that sooner. It was under 72 hours from first contacting Quentin to driving off the lot with my new car. Quentin got me exactly what I wanted, and for the price I wanted to pay. I couldn’t have done this without him. He made the dealership process painless. All I had to do was sign a few papers and write a check. Thank you for the fantastic experience. I would recommend Quentin’s service to anyone looking to lease a car.


What did you get and what was the deal jyustman?


XC60 T6 Momentum with premium, multimedia, 20" wheels, heated steering wheel/seats, rubber mats for $453/month including tax. $4k in MSD and just usual DMV/delivery/first month fees.

Closest dealer was quoting 660 for the T5 lol


Had a great experience with Quentin. Was looking for a deal on a Q5 lease for my wife right at year end. Pinged him the week of Christmas to see what he could find. He found a well equipped Q5 P+ ($51k msrp) in the color she wanted for $529 a month (including NY tax) with $1500 + first payment upfront. Happy with the deal! Now I need to find something for myself. I think a 340i Xdrive May be in my future…

Thanks Quentin!


It was really a pleasure to work with Quentin. He was very patient with me and made sure to find the best deals with the price range and options that I wanted. He’s super dedicated and a hard worker that sometimes I’d get messages from him at midnight! He actually started searching for my car even before I made the payment and found deals within days. I highly recommend him if you don’t want to go through the hassle of haggling and researching and especially the discounts he will get for you makes it worth.

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Quentin is a class act! He is patient and helped my aunt secure a great deal on a 2019 Trax. He went above and beyond to make sure everything worked smoothly.


This was my first time working with a Broker, and Quentin has been an absolute gem. He started off my asking my budget and advising if my initial wish list fit in that range, while also providing suggestions on what other cars could be considered. He has been patient and prompt in answering mi numerous questions, providing me quotes for almost 10 cars in our search. Quentin is quite dedicated and I’d receive emails from him at midnight several times. We had slight misfortune where we couldn’t get the first car we wanted due to the dealer, and Quentin was super nice to return my initial retainer fee, and was able to find three more cars in the next day! Eventually we were able to lease a gorgeous Subaru Outback 3.6 Touring for a great price. The picking up of the car was super easy, we drove to the dealership with all the paperwork ready for sign, and that was it. I highly recommend Quentin as he starts off with the budget, which makes life and the expectations quite real. I also compared the prices that he quoted with the dealerships directly and no doubt his deals were way better! Working through him was totally worth it. Thanks, Quentin! I will definitely work with you in the future!


Thank you Sameer, enjoy the new car!


Quentin was very easy to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone that is serious about leasing a vehicle. We have had our car for a week and Love it! Thanks, Quentin!!


UPDATED PRICING FOR 2019: I will be keeping my fee the same if you pay over zelle! If you would like to pay over paypal my fee will be $415 (paypal charged me over 3k in fees last year, which I’d like to avoid for this year). Thank You