💯 NYCLIFE APRIL Volvo/Polestar Updated deals! XC40 starting at $371/mo [NY/NJ/PA/CT]

Referring to bmw demos?

Hello, tried to PM you about S60. Thank you!

Umm those are going to be Volvo demos!

Costco is BACK

Please see our November update :turkey::

As always you can stack Volvo loyalty and Aplan/affinity with our deals making some crazy numbers.

This month we are promising a drama free deal, LOL! Most of these will not last at the msrps posted.


Already running thin on the XC90 T8, no more Cores avail.

Some CRAZY demo deals below

Take a look at this XC40 B5 Core:

With Aplan + Costco + Loyalty:

$236/mo + Inceptions/msds

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If there is a similarly % discounted demo deals for XC60 Core or Plus, please let me know.

They would be reflected on our sheet.

Any X90 T8 demo’s

If it’s not listed we don’t have any

Confused about your saying “If it’s not listed we don’t have any” while you also say “Most new cars I have other inventory of if this spec…”.

Should we not ask about other new inventory? Just refer to your spreadsheet only then?

Any XC90 B5 momentum 2023 loaner or new, could be 2024 as well. 3rd row 7 seater. Interested in buying. If anything Available pls PM. Thanks for your time. Would look into B6 if heavy discounted. Will finance it.


would you show calculation for NY for following:
DEMO XC40 B5 PLUS DARK with A-plan, military, costco

thank you

quick question;

how do i get $3500 in incentives? aplan and costco?

A spec refers to colors/options, not a car that is not on the spreadsheet entirely. Similarly, demos are one off vehicles, we don’t have a demo lot like a new car lot.

Thank you for reaching out!

And loyalty!

Sure thing, shoot me a PM. I’ll need your zip.

XC40 B5 CORE DARK with COSTCO+A plan

We still have a couple of these left.

2024 Volvo XC90 T8 Plus, 7 pass.

Including Costco + Loyalty

$466/mo + tax/msd


I’m looking for a XC90 T8 Core or Plus -white or vapour gray with dark interior. 24/10 preferred.

Wow, just wow. If you were on the fence to lease a volvo now is the time.

Programs are unchanged, but the dealer discount is crazy.

XC90 T8s remain light.