💯 NYCLIFE APRIL Volvo/Polestar Updated deals! XC40 starting at $371/mo [NY/NJ/PA/CT]

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Do you have any black exterior black interior XC40s B5 Plus Bright? And this would be for DC registration, but can pick up in NY.


This was long awaited, will be responding to everyone slowly.

These XC90s are being blown out.

2023 XC90 Demo including loyalty + costco:
$548 +inceptions/msds

How many C40’s do you have available? Would like to get a deal done before months end.

Why’d you word it like that LOL Why is it a scam?

We still have some stunning volvo loaners available.

2023 Volvo B6 Plus Demo
$569 + taxes + msds
Almost 16% off

I have tried emailing quentin and have also pmed him as he requests but have yet to receive a response

Does the T8 recharge not lease as well for the 36/10 as opposed to the 24/10? Noticed it was the only one with a different term in the spreadsheet. FWIW it looks like Edmunds lists 24/10’s in basically all the model trims as having stronger residuals by about 10%. Maybe I’m missing something there. Maybe the MF eats up that discount.

Also, is the naming convention different on Volvo websites? I’m seeing : 2023 XC90 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid Plus Dark 7-Seater

There is dark and bright, due to the rebates 24 months works best.

Interested in the xc90s. Can you please get back to me.

Interested in XC90 T8 Ultimate OR XC60 T8 Ultimate. What kind of discounts are available for both? I am in NJ. Thanks!

Some INSANE XC90s and XC40s on here.

These will not last.

$1500 loyalty stackable on XC90.

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Sent PM about xc90. Thanks.

Do you service Washington state?

2024 Volvo XC90 B5 AWD Plus:
Broker fee: $599

Including Volvo loyalty ($1500)

$442+ inceptions/msd

Hi - can this deal be on 39/12k? NJ zip.

Thanks for the help!

Yes, but not sure why one would do that as the pricing will be much higher.

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Do you have any info on when 2024 xc40 recharge rwd is coming out?

What do you have left for xc90 any b5?
I have costco and A plain

Can this be done for 36/12k if not two years 24/12k works since I know 2024 24 lease work better.