NY to NJ Lease Transfer

Can anyone help me with this? I’ve seen so many different answers. Looking to take over a Jeep Wrangler Sahara lease for 450 a month including NY taxes. If I take it over does that fulfill my NJ tax and registration obligation or do I have to additionally pay taxes and fees?

Sorry to ask a question that’s been asked before.

Pretty sure you’re gonna have to pay NJ tax and you def have to pay NJ reg.

Why would NJ care that you paid tax to another state

You sure this is a good deal?

They’d only care in the case of a reciprocity agreement. I couldn’t tell you one way or the other, and you’d probably have a better idea than me, living closer.

Totally agree with you on the reg though, but that one is pretty obvious :slight_smile:

Thanks that’s what I thought. Sort of ruins the deal haha

Yes, you are paying both taxes on the current payment amount (likely resulting on paying taxes on NY taxes unfortunately) on a monthly basis and reg will likely be $150-250 too. NY doesn’t allow you to request a refund for unused portion of the sales taxes as NJ does.

$450/month doesn’t really seem like a deal for a Wrangler and taking into account both items listed above, it would put you closer to $500/month.

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