NY Res possible out of state lease

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Currently in the market (next 45 days) to lease 2 new SUVs. Was looking around and found some great deals for discounted MSRPs from dealerships out of state. I don’t mind driving to Jersey to pick up the car, but was wondering if there were any downsides to doing this? How does the car get registered in NY? Do i get fined or charged extra?

The dealer registers in NY. If it’s a dishonest dealer, they’ll charge you more, and NY’s registration fees are around $75 for a transfer and $275 for a new registration. NY has a doc fee that is capped at $75. Most NJ dealers are at around $500, but some negotiate down $100 or so. However, some NJ dealers discount the cars more.

You’ll get a temporary NJ tag, even if transferring your plates.

The only other thing is that you can generally use MSDs if you go to an NJ dealer.


TY! Exactly the info i was looking for. Much appreciated

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If you search, there was a thread about a week ago on which I wrote about this. The DMV has a fee estimator.

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I’m also in NY and I leased mine from an out of state dealer and am currently running in to all sorts of issues. Next week will be 60 days since contract signed and I still don’t have the plates. My temp tags expire next week. I called the DMV last week and there is currently no record of the car registration yet. I paid $229 in upfront registration fees, which feels about right, maybe a little high. I am now going down the road of registering the car myself with the DMV and getting the necessary paperwork from financing company. Which, unfortunately, means I’m going to be double paying for registration.

Long story short, make sure you’re very comfortable with the dealer that they know what they’re doing with an out of state lease or you’re in for a massive headache after signing.