NY only: Rav4 LE Immediate Availability & Corolla Cross L by first week of October

I just finished calling 15 dealerships for a client who needed a Corolla Cross L (stripper), finally found one, but in my search, I came across two Rav4 LEs available in CNY/WNY deposit fell through. MSRP no blessings. They are ready to go today.

The LE’s have MSRP’s around 30k. It is in state only w/ CNY/WNY region preference given. Let me repeat that IN STATE ONLY.

DM for contact info because if I openly post it and someone here is a dbag its coming back on me.

I am not a broker; I will not complete the deal for you. Call one of the many great brokers on here if you want help. Their time is worth the money.

Pmed. Looking forward for the #.