NY - Hyundai Ioniq sign and drive $99/mo

NYS Hyundai Ioniq true sign and drive $99/mo

Available only in selected states such as CA, CT, MN, MD, MA, NJ, NY, OR, RI, and VT

Remember to apply for https://www.bonusdrive.com/ to get $500 to sweeten the deal.

But upon further review Autobytel shows $14,500 in rebates for 36/48 months lease for 10528
NY incentive for Ionic Electric

Edmunds showing this for RV and MF
Base: .00051 MF and 44% residual
LTD: .00053 MF and 45% residual

Sample achieved deals posted - Here for Oregon - Here for NY - Limited for NY - Broker in NY - Here for RI

While NY states give $2k towards the electric car, CT state also gives $1,500 towards Ionic Electric.
The catch is you have to get it from CT dealership.


Looks like there are 140 of these cars (base IONIQ electrics) across the entire US.

This is interesting. Wonder what it’s like to get one of those here in MA.

There is rumor going around that there could be big incentives coming on the Kona EV soon

Hm, didn’t think of checking inventory levels. I’m curious how many of them are in New England.

There are 2 base models and 1 hybrid model available near where I live

It’s a regional thing but checking their web i see the dropped the standard offer by about $4k.
“$109 per month for 36 months with $2,500 due at lease signing”
“includes destination, excludes tax, license, title, registration, documentation fees, and cost of optional equipment”
“Monthly payments total $3,924. Option to purchase at lease end $13,748”…10k miles/year
Super deal!

@Lvs23 you beat me to posting :laughing:

I was reading thru the thread and said I should probably share it on LH, but got distracted checking if any units were in the NYC Metro area.

That is one thing I didn’t do. Did you find any units?

They have several units in NYC metro area. First come first serve i think…

Thoghshitzky…i got 81 within 50 miles of my SoCal zip. Should go fast as soon as people find out about this.

Curious if you can stack state and electrical companies rebates in similar fashion to BMW i3…
How would that be…

Not sure what you mean…will get these rebates with this car…so $3500 in SoCal under Edison.

Definitely regional…check this comment from slickdeals web:
“Virginia has it for 79 per month + 999 at signing.”

In NJ, If I transfer out of this lease before the 3 years are up would I have to pay back the incentives? Anyone have experience lease transferring an electric vehicle before?

This is for NY state residents.
NJ residents have their own incentive in form of not paying sales tax.

Oh ok thanks. I see that a similar offer ($79/mth, 12k miles, $999 down) is on some NJ Hyundai dealer websites so maybe that a better deal anyhow

Does the NYS 2k go to dealer or do we apply for that after the fact?

It is POS rebate. Dealer or manufacturer applies for it.

LOL…it took me a second to realize what POS means in this case…


Not only you. I thought we were talking about the car itself.

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Is the $12K considered Taxed or Untaxed in CA?