NY 2019 VW Jetta S (automatic)

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I would like to see what the SE numbers are like since the S is very plain. However, looks like a good deal. Even if added 12K miles vice 10K (SOCAL) still keeps it in the low $200s.

Thanks. Keeping the monthly payment low was my primary goal.

that is significantly better than the SoCal deals posted in the “Marketplace” from a dealer that supposedly loses money on many deals. 3000 lease cash on a brand new model seems high (but good for you)

36 payments of 180.73 and that’s it?

A brand new model and the OEM is offering an incentive equal to 15% of the MSRP?

I just sent the dealer the same question - asking him to confirm that all taxes and fees are included in the $180 and that the first month is only thing due at signing. He had previously sent me the atttached:

I don’t see any TTL in that quote, so I’m guessing there’s more to the drive-offs.

Yeah That’s why I sent the follow up question.

Was looking at the S vs SE, allot more equipment and the residual is 2 points higher on the SE so you don’t pay much more. I’d get a quote on an SE too. That quote doesn’t make sense unless they threw some extra cash out this month, edmunds isn’t showing anything like that. I bet the dealer is getting their incentives mixed up, don’t be surprised if they back out of that deal.

Yup, they just called back, that’s what happened.

I’m pretty sure you have to pay taxes and fees up front in NY. You’ll be looking at another 1k+ on this imo. Make sure you confirm drive offs before heading to the dealer.

What is the current $3k lease cash incentive/requirements (just read above post, so dealer mistake on incentives?) Only on S model or available for SEL Premium as well?

Yeah dealer mistake. The $3000 is on a 2018 (not 2019). Also, 2018’s residual is like 14% lower so not a good deal.