Numbers on 2020 X3 m40i


Anyone have any ideas what can be expected on the following BMW build?

MSRP: $63,450

I talked to a couple dealers, and most just said the best price I could get on a custom build is MSRP. I’ve looked around the forums and I’ve seen some others that have gotten 8% to 10% off. Is that unrealistic here?

Thanks for your help

2020? Likely invoice at best. Lease support is also paltry on the 2020 vs 2019. I’d hunt for '19s instead. Better yet an older loaner unit.

Thanks - Yeah, I’m getting the impression that the 2020 is going to be a huge lease. I’m interested in the 2020 because of engine upgrade and the new cockpit. I’m not sure if both or either or worth the extra expense, just exploring at this point. Wondering if anyone had tried for the 2020

2020 Residual and rebates took a dump this month.

Try to locate a 2019.

The new B58 must be very quick. Someone posted getting 11% off for a custom 2020 order to give you an idea. Good luck with your search.

Urgh! Thanks!

11%!!! I’d sign immediately if all the other factors checked out!

Why not look at a 2019 X5 for similar pricing?