Numbers not adding up from dealer to calculator

Honda Pilot EX-L

Dealer emailed me this but doesn’t match up with calculator

MSRP $ 38,805.00
SALE PRICE $ 31,404.00 +++

Too much information missing. Post the dealer’s lease worksheet so we can discuss this intelligently.

They won’t let me see it unless I am there at dealer. What information did I forget so I can ask them for it.

A lease worksheet looks something like this…

Tell them to email it to you. If they don’t, walk. I can’t understand why so many people can’t get lease worksheets. I’ve negotiated hundreds of leases and only had a problem twice. Both times I walked. I never ever go into a dealership unless it’s to sign documents and pick up my car. And, I always require that the dealer to email me the completed lease agreement for my review so that there are no foul ups. You can’t be timid.


Numbers don’t make sense. Where did you get the MF/RV from? 19% off MSRP sounds high. How are there no doc, acqand DMV fees?

Got the mf/rv from them first time I was in there. Same numbers I got from Edmunds. Ill have to see what the numbers are when I go there tomorrow. They probably added the fees on top of sale price right, which they didn’t show me.

That discount seems unrealistic on a Honda lease, this isn’t a 2018 Accord. Even with the $1600 incentive added back in it’s a 15% discount