Numbers not adding up from Dealer quote and calculator

This is what they’re telling me the MF is on this lease. but their payment is $637

MSRP and sales price are incorrect. We need to see the dealer’s worksheet too.

link should be fixed now

If this is a loner with almost 5000 miles you need to get to the mid teens minimum discount pre-incentives. And, you need to tell them you’ll pass on tint and nitrogen filled tires at that rate. Flat just adds to their gross margin.

I think you forgot to add that 695 add on to the cost. That should get you closer

Daniel help this brother out.

BMW of Gwinnett Place

New 2020 BMW 3 Series M340i

New 2020 BMW 3 Series M340i Sedan for sale - only $57,095. Visit BMW of Gwinnett Place in Duluth GA serving Marietta, Smyrna and Alpharetta #3MW5U7J03L8B43209

Price: USD 57095

$522 plus tax
$2,646 due at signing
Loyalty rebates applied

Yes, I told them that and they wouldn’t budge. I’ve been getting the same answer from multiple dealers. Even had quotes in the 700s…

For sure need Daniel’s help.

it’s part of the selling price of 49,190

You are double counting the $2k rebate.

yep saw that. Thank you.

And then you said “goodbye” and went to the next dealer, right?