Numbers for 2016 VW Tiguan Please

WI 53716

2016 S trim Tiguan
36 month

Found this on Edmund… curious to see it matches what you come up with.

.00010 and 57% (36/10) or 64% (24/10). $1500 lease cash

Yup, that’s what I see. Those numbers are for both 4MOTION and front-drive models, by the way.

Thanks local dealer here in Middleton WI was trying to pass off the MF as 0.00215… all while claiming the my were not making any money in the proposed deal.

Ended up buying a 2015 Golf TSI S with 6000 for $1600… from a different dealer:)

I drove everything in the segment, and the Golf blew them all a way. Had a lease worked it for zero down ,$157 a month on the Hyundai elantra GT, and am happy to double the payment to own the Golf.