💯 NOVEMBER, NYCLIFE BEST LH Lexus deals. NX300, 40k msrp, $275+ tax/fees [NY/CT/PA/NJ]

Doing business with a new lexus supplier! We are capable of doing MSDS!

Please PM me:

car you are looking for
payment structure

Updated for October!

Are these 2019s or 2020s?

All 2019s aside from NX, which is a 2020

@nyclife - just sent you a PM. Look forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

Added NX300Fsport

$376 + taxes/fees killer deal for the 2020

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I am looking for a RX350 Pls call 7329104495

Some bonkers specials on the 2020 NX/RX and 2019 ES350

Best deal on a small lux suv right now

$275 on an NX, crazy special, best on LH. NX300 + NX300 Fsport attached

Hi, looking to lease exactly the same 2020 Lexus NX 300 F sport basic black with red interior. What’s the monthly payment all rolled into one including taxes and inception for 36 /10 k or can be 27/10 k. Thanks. You can reply here or text 1.917.582.4470…Vlad, new here

I can do the deal right away

Click on the link

It tells you all the info right there.

Thanks, I ll do it now

Hey Vlad,

Please PM me so we can continue the discussion over there!


Pm you about Nx300.

Does the NX300 have any options? A base MSRP is not $43k

Is this thru Lexus Finance?

40k msrp is pretty base though

Yes through LFS

So what options does it come with?