🍫 November JLR Deals - Orders Orders Orders! Anything in stock!

Hi, I’m HersheySweet! You can read my introductory thread here!

Feel free to reach out, my dealer has allocations for every model; odds are we can find or trade for something you want.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but if you contact me for a quote, I’m more than happy to help, but personal insults will be met with a cold shoulder.

  • Will ship in the lower 48 at customer expense, inquire for pricing.


Include your ZIP, Incentives, and term.

Preferred: Cell: 717-379-7233 (Text or SCHEDULED call, if you call randomly 50/50% chance I will not answer or decline)
Email: HersheySweetLH@gmail.com


Was it actually sold from under you, or did someone just happen to reach out to the most well known JLR dealer on the site?


Man first broker with fine print


Manager sent contract and credit app. Notary appointment setup for following evening, car was sold the morning of the appointment in person.

Kind of sucks but things happen especially with volume dealers.

There’s a lot going on in this post. No calc for this deal?

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Just posted some screaming demo deals!

Discovery sport for 306/month + tax, 2500 DAS + Reg!

  • 44k car, silver on black!
    • Heated Seats, Sirius XM

Discovery for 529/month + tax, 2500 DAS + Reg!

  • 60k Car, Black on Black demo
    • Cold Climate, Third Row.
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Interested in more info on the Discovery Sport.

Please check your private messages.

Just spoke with the New Car Manager, we’ll honor any pins except for Range Rover Full Sizes, and Sports.

@jananth1 I am the most well known JLR dealer on the site, and always will be.

Gone but never forgotten #RIPJLR #ChevyWave #BoltSpecials :cloud_with_lightning:


I have already transitioned you to Chevy in my mind, no going back :smiling_imp:


Does 61k velar come with cooled seats?

Any defender deals coming??

I’ll beat any dealer in SoCal. I have like 4 or 5 on the lot. Had.

@ethanrs what was the going rate, 20k over?

Jokes aside, defender realistically is for purchase only.

@RusWolf no.

Any Disco. Sport S floating around? Would consider new or demo. Located a boat load here in Illinois, but have not been able to see how much they will deal as of yet.

Flash special! No broker fee

Land Rover Discovery, demo with less than 500 miles.

White on black, 7 seater!


16.5% off, I need it gone by Wed!


I also have 9 defenders coming in Sept. I can take deposits at sticker with hard adds only (Ceramic, paint bra, etc).

I sent you a message.

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What are the lease numbers for Defender at $75K MSRP?

They’re not on the lot yet. September allocations, but I can take deposits at sticker with hard adds only (Ceramic, paint bra, etc).