November 2022 Subaru SOCAL Hacker Deals


Perfect, and he will qualify for lease loyalty.

Give me a second.



If you apply the Rebate to the Drive Offs it would be:


$729 Drive offs (Applying the Loyalty Rebate to the Drive Offs)

$499 per month plus tax.

Let me know.


Thanks. I’ll talk to him and see what he says.

I am here , just waiting for a BRZ

Next batch of BRZ’s will be sold at MSRP. I have a few coming in December.

Sounds like im getting a christmas present. Please pm me or update when you get some in

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Adjusted Pricing for the remaining 2022 Subarus Left in Stock.

Pricing is good for a purchase or a Lease.

On a Purchase Interest Rates are 2.9% to 48 Months and 3.9% for up to 72 Months.

No Addendums, and All leases are at Buy Rate.

Prices Are As Follows: Good only on 2022 Model Year Vehicles:
Foresters $1000 Off MSRP (including Wilderness)
WRX $2000 Off MRSP
Ascent $2000 Off MSRP

See the deals here: November 2022 Subaru SOCAL Hacker Dealz

Once you have a car picked out, we can hold it while you are on your way, and have the whole process done in approx. 90 minutes.

Call Seth On The Hacker Hotline: 442-273-6566

We plan on being sold out of 2022’s by the end of November.

Hey seth, how’s your loan-to-value on these leases? Any chance of rolling in around 9k negative w/ minimal or no down?

It depends on what you want to lease. A vehicle with a Higher MSRP would make it easier to hide $9K


Would you also be open to selling these at 2k off msrp?

Not sure what car you are referring to, but the pricing is set in stone on everything posted.