๐ŸŒŸ Nov CDJR:LH #1In Stock Units | 2024 GC 4XE $416 Per Month | Sahara 4XE 342$ | Ram 1500 483$BigHorn Off-Inceptions due

sent you an inquiry

Still in the process of getting back to everyone. If we have not gotten back to you yet. Please PM us. Thank you!

Do you have any GJC L Limiteds left? Sent a few messages. Thanks!


Got around 20 More Jeep GC 4XE!


GC 4xe effective monthly is $561 which is not a good deal TBH.

Thanks for your opinion. Weโ€™re the cheapest in stock CDJR on LH.

Do you have any in stock Wrangler 4Xe?

Yes we do. Please check inventory here

Check out our inventory here:

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Can you send me a quote for the 24 bright white Sahara in the list is around 65k

Looking for 3 year and 15k if possible

I sent an inquiry to you. Thanks

Please PM us!

Ill pm you

Thank you!

Just got a bunch more in stock!

We have stepped up our response time as well.
Use the link below to inquiry!

Inventory List:

Inquire here:

Weโ€™ve implemented a new system into our leads & response times. You can now expect a response within 1-2 hours.

We have something in the works for everyone.

By next month, we will have our new program up and running.

Every month it will automatically update programs and rebates.

Itโ€™ll also automatically adjust the calculator with your zip code by using your location of the device you open the link on.

You will also be able to do the following,

See all the rebates & stack all applicable rebates.

See all of the best terms along with months & milage.

Youโ€™ll be able to fully customize everything on your own.

No need to wait around for calculator adjustments, itโ€™ll automatically do everything on its own.

& you will be able to add the exact options that youโ€™re looking for onto the vehicle.


2024 Grand Cherokee Overland 4XE - 480$ M.

Starting at $76,600.00 MSRP**


  • 8.5% DISCOUNT w/ Affiliate
  • 6.5% DISCOUNT w/ Out Affiliate
  • $480 Per Month W/ Affiliate
  • $548 Per Month W/ Out Affiliate
  • Inceptions DAS
  • Calc Includes 1,000$ Jeep Private Offer
  • Calc Includes 2,000$ Returning Lessee Bonus Cash
    If You Do Not Have A Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler In Household Remove 2,000$ From Rebates
  • NJ Taxes | 24 M | 10,000k MPY Lease

Inquire Below:

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Figured Iโ€™d send this here.

Do not be like @ABZ101 and try to go behind our backs. You will be called out and brokers will black list you.

My dealers along with all the other @brokers dealers on here will NOT give you same discount. They will laugh & hit you with a much higher price.

These dealers that we use are our personal friends. They always tell us who tries to go behind our backs and who calls up.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!