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When I go to a category and drill down, eg: Marketplace category, California location and bmw tag, there is a bell icon on the top right. Clicking on that allows me to watch multiple posts. I thought it would watch to all posts in Marketplace and California with a bmw tag, but it subscribed me to something else. I think maybe anything with the bmw tag? So I received emails and notifications for many more threads than I wanted to. Ideally I could limit that by category, location and tag, not just by tag.

If you go to Preferences >> Notifications >> Tags, you can customize the level of notification you want for each tag. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, but it looks like that would also only send notifications for the tag - ie: you couldn’t set it for Marketplace AND California AND bmw.

At the least it would be helpful if I could set it for notifications on posts containing two tags eg: bmw AND nor-cal. But I believe that page uses an OR eg: bmw OR nor-cal

But let me know if I’m missing something

Installed this feature on the forum just for you! :laughing: Go to Preference >> Saved Searches. You can now save your search terms and be notified daily of new content that matches your search terms. Results are stored in a personal message that serves as an ongoing log of relevant results.

Once a day, your searches will be performed. If there are new results that you haven’t already seen, you’ll get a private message with a list of links to the posts. If you want to get an email notification, be sure you’ve enabled “Send me an email when someone messages me” in your email settings.

One private message will be created for each of your search terms. Notification of new results will be posted as replies in the corresponding topic. [1]

Hope this helps!

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Oh wow, thank you! I’ll give this a try - looks like it might work.