Not much discount, but oh so sexy... what are your thoughts?

Fully loaded Velar R-Dynamic S, I hear RR is notorious for not discounting MSRP, is this true? Anyway, glad I received somewhat of a discount. Check out the calculator, what do you think?

LMAO I’ll beat this, check your PMs.


Cue mr sweet


Do you do NJ for Rovers?

Interested in high mileage loaners? :sunglasses:

This is not a strong discount

Some markets are notorious for not discounting RR products well, but this should be closer to 8%-9% off (or more)

I’d shop a bit more and perhaps look outside of your region

I wouldn’t touch one for less than 8-9% in most markets


Would prefer a loaner as its for the gf and want to payment as low as possible.

I’m in SoCal. I can’t find a dealership willing to give any discount on these! I’ve never thought about shopping outside of my region.

The thought of buying from an out of state dealer is a bit overwhelming. Is the process somewhat simple?