Not alot of 2016 Tacoma Talk....Let's Change That!

New member here- Awesome forum.

I plan on dumping my 2007 Commander and Leasing a 2016 Tacoma as the residuals are sky high.

Can I get the Residual and MF for a 2016 7146 Tacoma Double Cab AT SR5 2wd 36/12k and 24/12k?

Also same for the 2016 Tacoma 7148 TRD Sport 2wd Double Cab AT

& 7540 SR5 DBL CAB AT 4wd.


What state are you leasing in?

Toyota’s programs are regional specific.

Curious to see what deal you can get. I’m in socal and not a lot of discount off the msrp

Oops! South Carolina

TFS MF is .0020 on Tacoma. It’s standard rate. No special rate. I can get you residual percentage in morning when I get to work. Probably around 70%.

  • Cody Tustin Toyota Fleet Manager

Welp, upon further investigation, Toyota bases their residual numbers off of an “MRM” or Maximum Residualized MSRP, which basically negates any special offers or discounts off of msrp when it comes to leasing, because the residual is based off a number well below msrp. Back to the drawing board…

Okay SO! I think I may have just dug up a unicorn of a deal last night, and would like to share it with my Leasehackr friends. a 2016 Tacoma 4x4 trd sport Manual Trans 36k/12k has a residual of 82% after 3 years!. I signed on a 0 down, MF.00200 36/15k lease with an MRM of 34,800 for 345/mo last night. Residual after 3 years and 15k/ year is 80%! Got my dream truck for not much more than their promotions for the 2wd sr5 auto. I am in SC by the way.

Where in sc did you get this

Smashing deal on a hot pickup not to mention the killer mileage limit of 15k!

Is that $345 incl. taxes?

Sparks toyota myrtle beach, However this thread is almost a year old. I still love the truck and am planning to buy out the lease in the next 6 months as they are holding value like nothing else.