Not a suggestion but, just some feedback... you guys/gals behind this forum are great!

I’m new to leasehackr but not new to forums and I have to say this… this forum is one of the most well designed, well thought out forums I have been a part of in a very long time.

Usability wise, I find everything responsive. Everything just loads quickly enough, works well on my laptop and desktop screen, search works great, tags are sparingly and meaningfully used, almost everything I need is
right there.

Design wise, I find the colors, fonts and spacing really well done, been reading over a week and haven’t been annoyed once. No GIFs bombarding my attention, no ad noise, no annoying pop-ups, banners, headers, no “may I help you” sliders, no “consider registering” windows bombarding my screen, no “sign up to read further” BS.

Its just, smooth, soothing, buttery…

I am a full stack web developer and I know (first hand) how hard maintaining that balance is. In my conversations with folks from my profession, I wanted to bring this up as a great example of great design. Just PM me about any credits that are due.

Also the community is awesome. I feel like I took a self-guided crash course in car leasing.

Thanks LH <3


On behalf of the community, you welcome. Thanks for joining !