NorCal vs SoCal

Hi all - first time leaser here, learning a ton from this forum. My question is: I am moving from San Jose to LA next month and wanted to ask about the differences in deals. It seems that SoCal generally has better offers - I have been looking at Chevy Volts and Inifinitis. My original plan was to lease in NorCal and drive down, but I am now thinking it may be better to ship stuff down and lease in SoCal. Any thoughts or similar experiences?

Doing my research in this forum it seems the two cars you are looking into have better deals in NORCAL. If I were you I would do a search on the killer deals (both cars) and ask for dealership info ( both SOCAL and NORCAL) and reach out to them (via email only) and ask for lease quotes. Should only take a day or two to collect them and then pick the best deal.