(NorCal) SUBARU| AUG 2022 | LAST 3 DAYS | MOTIVATED | CROSSTREK | ASCENT | anything in stock

Hi Vel, is this limited to 7 seater Ascents? I see you one 8 person model, any discounts on that one? Just looking for one that has a bench for the 2nd row

I have a silver 8-pass Limited. I can do $2200 off msrp

Looking for a low cost Impreza w/blind spot detection & automatic. Are there any available?

sorry none available at the moment

looking for a crosstrek lease (automatic base or premium trim), 3yrs, 10k miles/yr. do you have any specials? thanks.

Our Crosstreks are all pre-sold/reserved at the moment but if anything falls through I do have a good amount of Premium models with no additional factory options.

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Looking for outback, do you sell out of state? Im in texas

Let us know what you’re motivated to move this month


Updated! Motivated to move automatic WRX’s, red cars, Ascents, Legacy’s, Outback XT models.


Just to make sure - so cal deal ok if we pick up?

yes that will be ok!

You have list of deals?

Dealers cant post lists, contact him

How much off MSRP for the manual in stock Crosstrek and WRX? Or can you add them to the spreadsheet?

Bumping with quotes on highly-motivated-to-move units. Basically looking to get anything off the lot. (Besides BRZ and Crosstrek Hybrids).

I have more aggressive sale prices on all eligible cars on the lot when you go with our financing. (Rates around 4.9-5.49% for 60 months, 5.99+ for 72-84).

Cash purchases and special financing are the weakest deals but can still get it done for some cars.

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god damn 4.9-5.99% rates… toyota offering 1.9% at the moment…


Go buy a Toyota then


me as a broker

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