Norcal Nissan Sale (November). Very low Frontier/Altima lease available

Low leases this month, clearing out some of these last 2022s while supplies last!!! On approved credit. Price subject to increase at anytime due to low supply and market volatility. Updated for November.

2023 Frontier CrewCab SV 4x4
$700 due at signing + $695 Broker Fee
18/10k - $295 plus tax

2023 Frontier CrewCab PRO4X 4x4 with Premium, convenience, tech and protection package (Fully loaded)
$500 due at signing + $695 Broker Fee
18/10k - $360 plus tax

2023 Nissan Murano S 2WD
$1500 due at signing + $595 Broker Fee
18/10k - $310 plus tax

2022 Nissan Altima SR
$1500 due at signing + $595 Broker Fee
18/10k - $262 plus tax

Call/Text Jeff at 310-405-3507


That’s a great deal. Maybe quote 30/36 months also for people that qualify for CVRP.


I assume no shipping out of state?

Added the payment difference for 36 month

Sorry no out of state or shipping for this deal

Do you have any plus models ? SV Plus or SL Plus ?

S Plus is more available for the higher trims, couple SV Plus available. Send me a PM or Call/text 310-405-3507 for numbers

Just texted you …interested in the two year deal.

  1. Can you send me lease numbers on the Nissan Leaf Plus models, say 30 or 36 months? Ideally I’d like an SL with light interior but I could downgrade models if needed. Edmunds says there’s $10375 in lease bonus cash, plus $1000 holiday for retail or lease, plus maybe more. But when I run the factory website’s lease numbers through the calculator, it doesn’t seem to match up with that at all.
  2. I know the 40kWH models lease cheap but I’m not sure they would work for me – maybe you can weigh in? Every couple of weeks I have to drive 75 minutes on the freeway at speeds of 60-80 mph, with only a couple hours of Level 2 charging available before turning around and heading home. Would that be pushing it too far, or workable? There is a Chargepoint DCFC on the way back but I’d rather not have to use it.

November Numbers for the S Plus are above on both 24 and 36 month terms, Nissan doesn’t offer 30 month terms.

I can’t give you pricing yet because November is now over and I don’t have December incentives and bank programs yet.

How many miles do you drive on your commute?

For mileage term? It was 12k.yr on current lease but maybe because of COVID I came in well under.

Hi Jeff can you advise on the 30 and 36 month program for December on the leaf?

Nissan Financial doesn’t offer a 30 month term

Hi there,

Are the numbers the same for Dec? Thanks.

Pricing is updated on top post or you can reach me on my cell phone 3104053507

Is there any lease deals on the 370Z?

Are any of these still available? Do you have a 7.5K?

As of right now, Nissan doesn’t do 7.5k.

A little new to this stuff. Thanks for the info.

Do you still have any inventory left or any new lease deals?