Noobs please read vhooloo crystal ball alert before going to dealership


For the love of god, please just say no to Finance spiffs unless you like to gift them the extra 1k …

From WSJ

Car shoppers headed to a dealership are in store for a hard sell on something other than a vehicle.

As dealers’ profit margins on new-car sales shrink, they are relying more on selling extended warranties, paint-protection plans and other add-on services pushed by salespeople in the finance office.

Dealers also earn a markup for arranging car loans, a piece of the business that is becoming a more reliable income generator as salespeople find it more difficult to upsell buyers on a car’s price. Most shoppers today do research online and walk into a dealership firm on a price, auto retailers say.

“Where dealers really keep their head up is boosting interest rates from the bank and throwing in products like extended warranties,” said Earl Stewart, owner of Earl Stewart Toyota in North Palm Beach, Fla.

Dealerships made an average of $908 per new vehicle last year on their finance and insurance business, far more than the $420 they earned off the actual vehicle sale, according to research firm J.D. Power. More car buyers also are plunking down for such extras, which have mixed reviews from dealers and customers. Last year, 46% of new-car buyers purchased an extended warranty from the dealer, for example, up from 40% in 2013, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association.



Ahhh the Sunday Morning Vhoolo Gazette !!!



Someone has to pay for our deals. LET THE PEOPLE GET THEIR SPIFFS!



Delivered every Sunday morning right at your doorstep with love and sarcasm :two_hearts:



Mr. My daughter needs a Mercedes Benz as her first car already accomplished that for someone at that MB dealer.



Guy got 5% dealer discount on a 188 hp car. But hey, it has MBUX.

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And even better, by setting that precedent he’ll be back in another 3 years and 6 years and 9 years and 12 years to do it again for her! Hooray us!

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I believe that is called a lawn mower