Noob help on new lease 2022 Honda CR-V

My lease ends in 2 months on our 2019 CRV EX AWD.
Would love to Lease a 2022 CRV, but no supply here we live.
need some help navigating our options, as I’m a real noob on leases.

Current monthly payment is $277

40,000 miles out of 45,000 allocated

The RV is $17,500 MF = 0.000689706

Dealer says we have $3000-4000 in equity.

We want to lease the 2022 CRV EX AWD

but, we live in a rural area in PA and the dealer says there are no EX in the allocation until maybe September.

Honda dealer says we can extend the lease at the same terms, but I have not spoken to HFS yet

Need some financial advice.

is anyone else hearing the same?

If so, what have you done?

My first instinct is to extend the lease, if Honda will do sa a the $277.

But, am I making a mistake?

If you asked for a deal check, circle back after you have signed a deal – the community always loves to hear back! Submit your deal to SIGNED! (

I would extend the lease and use that extra time to help line up the deal on the replacement vehicle.

Yes its possible to get a lease extension at the same payment but its up to the discretion of HFS.

If you dont know already the lease on the 2022 or worse 2023 CRV is going to be WAY higher than your current $277 payment. You may want to check other options as the CRV currently doesnt lease well (or you could purchase the CRV instead)

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You could also buy out your existing lease … has the CRV changed much to justify the expense of a new one?

i think the crv just got a refresh, no !?

2023 is the refresh, not sure how much is changing.