Nominate Trusted Hackrs for 2023!

I will also go with MbS @drdvrgs & @TheBigTuna

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Ineligible until we see a signed deal for a new WRX (preferably in orange)


You’ll see 3 signings from LH if they come to 6k off

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@HersheySweet and @LeaseNYC get my vote.

I definitely didn’t spend enough time here last year to see who else went above and beyond - I got really busy with work and the leasing market made me depressed :frowning:

Since the Tahoe I made money - my hacks have included getting an Elantra N for sticker in March 2022, a C300 for $500 under MSRP in June 2022, Selling my 06 Saab 9-3 Aero 6 Speed for $1500 more than I paid for it, and a buying a 911 C2 for sticker a few days ago. Once I get it back from PPF, I will make a garage update for sure :slight_smile:


As the OGist TH, I nominate @drdvrgs

He knows leases.
He knows how to hack.
He helps people in the community.


The eligibility committee met earlier today, and by a Voice vote of unanimous consent, determined this met the eligibility criteria:


@drdvrgs is that a premium?

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Premium too rich for my blood

I nominate @IAC for this well-deserved recognition. As a broker, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, but what truly sets him apart is his willingness to share that knowledge with the community helpfully and insightfully. Despite being an expert broker, he doesn’t limit his contributions to the topics that may benefit his business. He provides valuable insights on many subjects, making him a valuable asset to the community.

In addition to his expertise, his friendly and positive demeanor make him a pleasure to interact with. He consistently approaches discussions with a can-do attitude and a willingness to help, making him a beloved community member. I am confident that his contributions will continue to add value to the community, and I wholeheartedly nominate him for this recognition.


Awesome guy to have on the forum. I certainly do agree on all accounts, but I believe double dipping would be prohibited due to a conflict of interest(?).

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I nominate drdvrgs.

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was this written using chatgpt?


And that stupid AI didn’t recognize the fact that brokers are ineligible.


I remember last time this topic came up @IAC was a big proponent of another broker to be a TH, so maybe they can take his spot!

I nominate the Jordan and Pippen of LH before Pippen’s wife started dating Jordan’s son.

The 2 goats @LeaseNYC & @drdvrgs


@IAC_Scott doesn’t broker anymore.

Was it someone else?

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So @drdvrgs @HersheySweet @LeaseNYC

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I sincerely wrote a detailed post supporting @IAC because he has helped me and many others on this forum. I won’t comment on the ban on Brokers, as that is above my pay grade. It is sad that now people on forums will assume that detailed posts are just a creation of AI. Also, it is sad to be attacked by a “Trusted Hacker.” I will admit I used Grammarly Premium, but I use that in all my writing.


I recall Derek advocating to be a TH while also being a dealer…I do not recall anyone else advocating for him though.

@zjhafeez I believe @jananth1 meant it as a compliment . We don’t often get such eloquently written paragraphs on the forum… :grin: