No US Credit options

I recently moved to the US from Canada and am looking to lease either a Range Rover SVR or Mercedes GLE 53 Coupe. Even though I have a perfect credit score in Canada I was denied by both companies since I dont have enough credit in the US. I have a couple of questions…

  1. Are there are ways around this?
  2. Would I be better off purchasing a new or used model and selling after 3-4 years? If I bought last years model used and sold it after 3 years, with the depreciation would the monthly payments equal roughly the same as if I were to lease new?

EDIT: You put SoCal and I totally missed it my friend, sorry!

Offering 2 cents here, about the second point you made.

You have seen some semblance of prices then for both vehicles, which lease at an extreme premium for a multitude of reasons.

Your objective of having that car lease vs purchase is realistically only known based on region. Have you looked at your area for those vehicles as used vehicles?

I would state that depending on that research you may have already started… If you are going to keep it for 3 years, maybe paying the upfront cost of a new vehicle and recouping money on the sale afterward isn’t as cost effective as buying a newsed/CPO is a better fiscal decision.

One drawback would be if older year models even only by 1 or 2 MYs don’t have what you’re looking for 20/21s.

Let us know what prices you’ve found for your area on those cars.

Call me on Monday and I’ll see if I can get you approved on SQ8

If you’re interested or looking a Range Rover SVR, we have our ways!

Shoot me a text or PM.

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If you want a Bolt

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Look into the executive expat programs that Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc have as they will likely help you secure the financing. You’ll just need to prove what visa you’re on and provide proof. Lots of threads here about getting credit when you’ve moved from abroad.

That said, the vehicles you mention will be horrifically priced for leasing given those models, the current market, and you likely being given slightly worse credit terms even with the exec programs. Getting a loan through your bank or CU will likely save you money depending on the vehicle.

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Thank you for the advice. I am not a fan of BMW’s unfortunately. I heard Audi will accept my Canadian credit, but was told Mercedes wont.

Horrifically priced from a US perspective and horrifically priced from a Canadian perspective are two different things. Everything in the US is on fire sale when compared to the Canadian counterpart.

OP-Also I’ve never seen the RR SVR get cross shopped against a GLE 53.
I think you’re looking for the GLE 63, which would make a lot more sense.

What type of visa are you on and how long left on it? The exec programs the last time I checked are very similar, we leased a Merc and Audi within 2 months of arriving in the US on a H1B visa; no issues. We moved from the UK so I’d imagine it’s even easier from Canada depending on visa type.