No more German imports

Trump calls Germany ‘bad, very bad’ over their global exports as he pledges to stop them selling millions of cars in the US during meeting with European leaders
‘Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US, and we’ll stop that,’ he promised.

Happy hacking, everyone.

p.s. not sure whether to laugh or cry?

Haha! German vehicles are a no no, but Argentine lemons are good.

German car companies employ a lot of US workers.

Our President doesn’t know that

Get your Maybach and Porsche while you can!!!

Ok i have build a certain level of scepticism regarding the media left or right but if that is accurate i wonder what the end game is. I understand we want to have more manufacturing jobs. Is he trying to push them to build all cars here for US consumption?

In this case media only quotes him, so who knows… Tomorrow he may say something opposite