[NO LONGER AVAIL] - 2019 BMW X1 Premium lease takeover, $446 + tax, 17K miles remain, 13 months

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW X1 sDrive 28
Location: Los Angeles

MSRP: $44,300
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $446
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided):

Current mileage: 12,900
Maturity mileage: 30,000
Effective miles per month: 1,315
Maturity date: 11/15/22

MSD due (if any):
Cash due (if any):
Incentive for new lessee (if any):

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee: $500 (buyer to pay)
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): I believe so

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:


Right at the 1% mark with almost 15k miles allowed per year! This is a great deal in these times. Should go quick.


Only if you decide to forget parts of the payment that you have to pay.

Everything is under 1% when you just ignore some of the cost.

This sub is not for feedback. It’s for listing vehicles that are actually and actively available for lease transfer.


I agree man what is wrong with all of these people who wants to “see who’s interested” without actually wanting to transfer their lease.
Waste of time

What does “right at 1% mean” thanks

I only posted because I saw others have done the same. If it’s against the rules, I’m sure the moderator will let me know.

And this is not speculative. I have to get rid of my X1. I’m just waiting on my delivery date because I also can’t be without a vehicle.

It is best ignored. This is vhooloo trolling the forum with inaccurate information regarding unhelpful rules of thumb that aren’t even being correctly applied here.


Then edit your title and post to remove stuff like “feedback wanted” and all other ambiguity.

Best if you don’t go down that rabbit hole…

Once you go down that road you don’t know which side you’ll come out on …

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The rule of thumb says if the payment is 1% of msrp it is a good deal.

I’m interested. Mid October would be perfect for me.

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Yes - just sent you a private message. Thanks.