No credit lease question

Hello all, I have a weird predicament. I’m a recent college grad and I have no credit, not even bad credit, just none. I posses no credit cards and had scholarships/parental aid paying for college. I’m trying to build some credit with a recently acquired secured credit card but until then I need a car to get to work. I’ve been borrowing a car from a friend living out of country, soon to be returning.

I’m making upper 50’s and again, have no debt obligations. My question is are there any car makers that will lease a car with no credit?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

My wife ran into pretty much the exact same issue, I was unable to co-sign at the time, because I was away on work(so were just waiting until I’m back locally to do it). But anyways, they sent her away with a packet for first time buyer program(this was VW by the way). It was essentially asking for proof of income, college transcript, references, there were a few other things as well.

Thanks! I just read up on the VW program and they specify at least a year of employment. Had your wife already met this requirement or is that more on a case by case basis?

I briefly discussed it with her and didn’t get all the details, didn’t hear about the year of employment. She’s had a year of constant employment through internships and the like. I don’t know if they look to see if its all at one firm, or just steady employment for a year. I’m sure you know how it works with having the same job all throughout college, I know I didn’t have the same one for all 4 years. Maybe VW will view it cumulatively, who knows.

What about the other way around, no income but really good credit?