NO BROKER FEE! BEST JULY JEEP Blow Out Deals! 6/4 (GCH Overland Starting at $326)

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  • Sub-Trim you’re interested in/ also color 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo E / White
  • Zip Code 33756
  • Miles 12K
  • What Leases You Have in The Household? Infiniti
  • How Much Do At Signing First month

Is there pull ahead in Sept on Grand Cherokees?

I don’t have any Limited X’s in stock.

Do you have 4X4 high altitudes?

No high altitude just Overland

  1. 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo E Silver/Black/Granite prefer Black
  2. 46236
  3. 12k
  4. No leases own BMW 750 i and Honda Odyssey
  5. Lowest

I PMed you and also updated in this thread on what i am looking for. If you don’t have any Wrangler deals please let me know so that i don’t have to waste either of our times.

  1. Limited or Limited II
  2. Black or Granite
  3. 02468
  4. 10K Miles
  5. No leases; have 2014 Ford Escape for trade in


I’m interested in a 2019 Compass. Preferably, 12k/36mo. Have leased a 2013 Honda Accord Sedan (cosignor’s, which I am about to get into; not trading-in), and then purchased it at end of term. Also, own an older Hyundai. Conquest, in addition to the many other incentives available until 9/30? As far as the DAS amount I am willing to shell out, it all depends on the numbers, as I’d like my monthly payments to be below a certain amount. I will have a cosignor whose Transunion & Experian scores are currently 775 & 780, respectively, so he will be primary lessee, but essentially never drive the vehicle. My scores are not so great. My Transunion is currently mid 600s.

Zip is: 07027 (Garwood/Clark, NJ area)

(Mainly: Granite Crystal Met Clear-Coat Exterior, POWER 8-WAY DRIVER/MANUAL 6-WAY PASSENGER SEATS, 7" uconnect screen w/ voice, POWER FRONT/FIXED REAR FULL SUNROOF, Heated Mirrors, Keyless Start, Keyless Entry)

^^^Not requirements, per se, as I am looking for as affordable of a lease as possible, but they would be definite pros.

Hope to hear back soon. Thanks in advance.

  1. 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo E Silver
  2. 19095
  3. 15k or more if possible
  4. Mercedes
  5. Little as possible.
  • Sub-Trim you’re interested in/ also color
    2019 grand cherokee
  • Zip Code – 08500
  • Miles – 12k
  • What Leases You Have in The Household? – none
  • How Much Due At Signing – first month DAS

Any limited X models?

I have no more limited X’s in stock.

Can you get Gladiators

I can get my hands on them yes!

Jeep Compass
94564 (9.25%c sales tax)
Current Chrysler Capital on Fiat 500e
Prefer 0 DAS

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
Red or Black with Lt Frost Interior
ZIP 45405
10-12k per year
No current
Less than 1k down if possible

Jeep is one of the few brands where the rebates is based on the customers zip code. So if you live in Kansas and you see that my rebates is $6k you’re more then likely not going to have the same rebates in your region! I’m not playing the back and forth. That’s what you qualify for, Simple.

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude/Billet Silver
Honda lease coming due in 3 weeks
Prefer $0 Das…but max $1,500.


2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited. Black, silver, granite.
2016 Jeep grand Cherokee lease due in 3 months.
Max $1500

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