No April fool - Vhooloo crystal balls BMW checklist


Are you leasing this month? Please check the following:
a) April 1st is the best day to lease a 2018 BMW. If you are leasing anything else, you are overpaying relative to the value.
b) On 2018 BMW, 15% discount for new, 20% for loaner before incentives. Walk away if lower. Obviously only applies to select models which are not selling well/discontinued. You are not going to get that deal on an X5… But easy enough on X1, X2, diesel, 330 e etc
c) Check marketplace and jump on the deals that meet above
d) Put down MSD, even if you have to brown bag your lunch for the next few years
e) Sign up for CCA if you are getting a new 2018. get an OL code and let the dealer run it… No skin off anyone’s nose
f) Do MF bump to waive acq fee - it comes out to $100 cheaper
g) 10/24 is the sweet spot on heavily incentivized car (328d, X2, 330e)
h) Post your deal HERE before signing, we will help you save a few more pennies.
i) No matter what anybody tells you, as long as your credit check is run, your incentives for this month are locked in - you can pick up the car next week or next month even lol…
j) if you need to get rid of your current car because of spouse, budget etc, check vroom, carvana.
k) Please please test drive the car at your local dealer before you impulse lease. Having to come in 1 month looking to lease transfer is not the best thing in the world
l) If you think you might want to jump ship in a few months, then avoid the MSD and do zero DAS … It is easier to transfer a lease without the MSD — YMMV, must think hard about this - I am not responsible for your personal bankruptcy :slight_smile:
m) I believe you can replicate the broker deals here on your own, but not for the faint of heart …

Happy hunting


BMW 330i xDrive loaner $52k MSRP -- $270/month, 1k DAS

FAQs - PROs to leasing a BMW over Brand X:
a) Well German Engineering, driving machine duh
b) Easiest manufacturer to transfer in and out of
c) Strongest loyalty program of all majors
d) best range of vehicles IMHO - from mini cooper based econobox X2 to luxury 7 series based X7 to performance beast M3,M5,X5M
e) Strong incentive programs
f) Committed to EVs and future tech
g) SUVs mostly made in Murica

a) dealers suck
b) check insurance, property tax - can be expensive
c) neighbors will be jealous but hey …
d) avoid if you only have street parking etc or live in Rust Belt/Mo town



@vhooloo what about a 2019 demo 430i gran? How much is ask off msrp before incentives?



And also this X5 demo @vhooloo, 20% off msrp before incentives a fair ask?



Need to note also That conquest only works on X models and not in 3 series.
Because without already having BMW and access to all loyalty rebates deals aren’t as easily replicable.

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430i GC Loaner is 20% off my man - 20% off



No not on the X5 - that’s a tougher nego


2018 340 xdrive M-Sport loaner deal?

That is true, but today is the best time to get in the game for BMW … You won’t get conquest on a 3 and only 500 CCA but come next March, you will be grinning ear to ear …



This is hillarious but informative ! Good stuff @vhooloo but how on God’s earth did you forget your emphasis on the X6 !?!?!?



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My local dealer told me lease support stopped on the X6.



So do the crystal balls say it’s cheaper to hack 3 series without loyalty and conquests than X1 with conquest with all else (msd, fees) being equal?

Btw, should add how to calculate demo mileage penalty since loaner with 1k miles will be different from loander with 4K miles.

And that loander with over 5k miles won’t qualify for any rebates:)



Your local dealer is wrong

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I guess they suck then. Lol. Thanks!



F is only correct on low msrp high discount cars and can be more than 100 savings at times. It’ll raise payments on other cars :blush:



Been there, done that. Leased a brown, non-sport F30 fart car for $150/month ($2K DAS) back in 2017 and was so bored with the car I returned it two months early. It was a great deal relative to the MSRP of the car, but can’t say I got many smiles per dollar.

Also, the F30 3-series was released in 2011, and you can get a used one that looks identical to the 2018 for $10K-15K.



@vhooloo What % off MSRP before rebates should i push for on a 2019 330i xdrive wagon? Should leasing it today vs April make any difference?

Thank you!



Wagons are rare, so I don’t have many sample deals. Anything over 12% for 2019 is going to be good. I don’t think the incentives will be much different on a 2019 in April…

If you can get a 2018 wagon, that would be the sweet spot…

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Did not expect this at all I assumed this was going to be a post a about an old man’s saggy balls… :grin: nice vhooloo



One thing for sure is that if you want a 3 series wagon, this is the last year you can get one. The one based on the the new platform won’t be available in the US.