No 3rd party for AHFA has shorted me minimum 1k

Just wanted to share. I had a deal lined up with carmax to sell my 2020 pilot exl last Thursday (a day after Honda blocked 3rd party) for $33,800. My payoff was around 29,300 At the time. My intention was to take the positive money and buy an armada, most likely from carmax or vroom.

Well I decided to explore selling my pilot back to all Honda and Acura dealers in my area. Unfortunately No Honda Dealers Would come close to the 33,800, but an Acura dealer offered 33k in trade dollars toward an armada on their lot. It’s not what I ideally wanted to spend on my next vehicle, but it looks like the 33k might be my top offer to get out of this Honda lease. So at the end of this it looks like I’ll lose a minimum of 800 from the no 3rd party stuff.

Moved to off ramp since there is no deal being shared.

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Honda won’t give you what other places like carmax and carvana are offering. Will never happen. Every time I call up and say I have a trade in that they “need” to appraise it in person, I laugh. I tell them I know the number already, absolutely zero reason to drive into a dealership and look at the car for 12 seconds and give me what I know exactly what’s coming.
So yes honda stopped the buyouts and now the only way to go around this is to buy the car outright and sell it off to carmax or carvana.

yep, at the end of it its probably not worth my time to go through that buyout process and pay the taxes and fees on the car just to sell it. ill probably just take the 33k trade in quote and overpay for the armada. it is what it is at this point.

I went to one dealer when I was selling our civic and accord and they played the “we lost your keys game” on me. I was done.

It’s disgusting how few dealers will give appraisals remotely. I had albums for each car with 50-60 pics taken days prior.

I did end up selling the Accord to one of the two dealers in my area who would give me a number pending physical inspection. It was higher than Carvana vroom etc due to the miles and 6MT.

So in the end they actually came to a number carvana or carmax would offer for your ride, how many dealerships did you go to and what were the approximate offers?? im looking back into the dealerships again since I can’t sell it third party. I’m hoping I can grab one dealership to give me at least 3k in equity. They always want me to come in within 27 minutes for a quick 2 minute walk around and then throw out a number I know won’t even fly with me so I gave up after the first 2 dealership appraisal visits.

Check my thread in the deals section.

The dealer I sold my Accord to was $1300 over my next highest offer from Vroom. It was owned outright. Sold for $22k, they’ve got it listed for $26.5k. I bought it for $27.5k 3.5 years ago :roll_eyes:

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