NJ open road Subaru

Walked into Subaru dealership really excited to look at WRX in royal blue. Only client in the showroom and the staff has the music blasting as if it’s a club.

Get greeted and right off the back because the car is in the showroom I can’t drive it unless I am ready to buy. No kidding…I walked into the showroom pointing to the car I wanted …Mr. Salesman. I confirmed I’m serious and he grabs his boss “Bill” who strolls over and aggressively states the lease price ($650 with only first month payment 36/10k with a sticker of $33,800)and indirectly tries to confirm I can afford it before allowing a test drive. My Salesman is given permission to allow me to drive another similar car, but wanted my license, insurance and credit card…What? Never had anyone take my credit card for a test drive! I debated and he persisted and I finally obliged. Finally after 30 minutes paperwork to get a test drive… Really enjoyed it so within 5 minutes I back in the showroom to deal

I showed Mr. Salesman their online lease calculator from their website suggesting a lease price of $505 with first one payment and he goes back to Bill and reverts with $650 a month ignoring their website calculator and other calculator.

Simply jumped into my 60k truck and sped off.
I understand there is a shortage of vehicles, but requiring a credit card for a test drive and interviewing me to confirm I can afford it?

Never going back to this dealer again! They rather pump up the music and party then actually work!

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The Staff at NJ Open Road Subaru


Understand you went to drive, but mistake #1 - leave your feelings and don’t negotiate in person unless you know the numbers

Which you have now demonstrated, to them, that you don’t.

This has been SOP literally since the WRX landed in the US (my first lease, same color, loved it). It is what it is, drive an Impreza sport if you need a better idea.

The only thing out of ordinary imo is a credit card deposit, but as long as it’s not charged, I guess? I would have already walked out, but I also would have arrived with a deal structure and an appointment if I wanted to be taken seriously.

Which you were 110% unprepared for, and it showed. Good that you left and stopped wasting each other’s time.

Is there a question? Just mad that you acted like a tire kicker (however serious you thought you were, the only thing you were prepared for was a mugging), and got treated like one?

If you want a deal, now, adjust your approach. If you don’t need a car now, I strongly suggest waiting 6 months.