NJ. Nissan buy off and expired registration


I’m not sure this is correct place on the forum to place this question. Please move it if I posted it in wrong place.

I decided to buy off the car from Nissan Finance. I sent them the check and to docs. Their estimated time to process this is 20 days. But the registration is going to expire at the end of the month.

What can I do in this situation?

Similar question would rise if I extend the lease by a few months. Is there any standard steps?


You will need to go to DMV once you have the title and you will get new registration at that point

I understand that. And before that, like about 2 weeks, I can’t drive it?

You can renew your current registration

I thought only Nissan can do it. I will visit MVC and ask them about it.
Thank you

I believe you should be able to online

You can’t do it online without their letter of renewal. It should have some PIN number of it.
I didn’t even get the letter.

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