NJ - Mercedes Benz GLE 450E $7500 ev credit Q

Looking to lease and then buyout a GLE 450E in the first month to take advantage of the $7500 ev rebate passed on to customer. Dealer is telling me that there is a early buyout penalty and that I need to wait about 6 months for it to make sense to buyout the lease. Waiting to see the lease agreement to validate this but if anyone here has had experience w/ this let me know if it sounds right.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but based on previous posts…the dealers will just say that so they get their kickback. You can buyout right away if you want

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Search the forum. Asked and answered many times before.

Dealer just peddling bullshit so they don’t get charged back. Please stop telling dealers you intend to buyout.

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You dont need to wait to buy out, but mb does have a penalty for early buyout

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Some MBFS leases do charge a 4% fee for early buyouts. You should research if this will apply to your lease or not.

Yeah thanks, I’ve asked numerous times to see the lease agreement so I can do the calculations but they kept telling me we only do that after the deal is made. I think they’re finally going to send it over now though.

they just sent this over:

checking to see if this is standard