NJ Lease Takeover - 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd


Looking to get out of my current lease

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
Luxury Group II Package
(20 inch wheels, perforated ventilated/heated seats, automatic wipers and automatic high-beam control, panoramic sunroof, upgraded leather upholstery, xenon headlights, power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, upgraded sound system)
Granite Crystal ext w/ black leather int.
2 sets of mats (summer/winter)

24 months remain
currently 19k miles with 36k total allowed (708 miles/month remaining)
Payment 469/month
Original MSRP $46,605

PM for pics if interested


You probably won’t get a lot of action if you don’t post any numbers and are expecting people to PM you. If you haven’t noticed, the folks here like numbers, lots and lots of numbers and all the deals get analyzed to the pennies

thx Chris- edited original post

I might be wrong but i dont believe chrysler allows lease takeovers.

Lease is through US Bank

Jeep is gone… not sure how to close a topic, and even thought no interest, I just wanted to do the right thing here as you guys are a professional group who are helpful. Thx all

Did it take a while Mike. I might transfer mine and the credit union actually does not charge a fee for transfers.

Just curious, how did you like the Jeep?

I’ve had 5 of them- great, reliable cars. I just couldn’t lease anymore as it didn’t make sense for me. The process was fairly easy