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I saw Andy’s “Money Maker” 2019 Ioniq thread, which lead me to sell my <$100/month 2019 Ioniq for a profit, which also lead me to this thread for the 2020 Ioniq. I reached out to Andy and had a selection made very quickly. He is very knowledgeable on this matter and responsive. The dealer he connected with reached out within a day or 2 and got the rest of the process going.

Thanks again, and I will consider using you again when it’s time for something new.

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Thanks Andy for one of the easiest car transactions ever! I got the car I wanted at the price I was hunting for. I had already called a couple of dealers who hung up on me and decided there had to be a better way. Finding Andy on Leasehacker was the answer. He’s straightforward and the deal goes exactly as advertised. I can’t thank you enough. Highly recommended.!

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I highly recommend Andy’s services. He does all the hard work for you. I just showed up at the dealer and picked up my awesome Ioniq SE! I’d give Andy a 10 out of 10 when it comes to customer service. He answered all of my questions before, during, and after the purchase. Already approved for Bonus Drive for the 250 broker fee and easily submitted to the state for the 4250. Best $99 dollar per month car ever.

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Wanted to thank Andy for his help with this unbelievable deal. At the end of the day, my net will be $79.52 a month. This included a first responder discount. Bonus drive was easy, and after a little hickup with the state $4,250 it is now resubmitted and verbally approved. Just need to wait for the check.

Thank you again!

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Awesome experience getting this car via Andy. Got me a deal I wouldn’t have been able to get myself. He was very helpful and honest throughout the process…no pushy salesman approach. Definitely recommend, easily worth the broker fee in my opinion.
I’ll be reaching out again for my next car.

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I had a great experience with Andy in acquiring my Santa fe 2021 Limited Portofino Grey.
And i am glad to give my review and say Andy gives a five star experience with his work.

After dealing with several dealerships and realizing they don’t even value loyalty ( we have been customer for Long Island city Hyundai for 5 Years). we contemplated on going with another brand. then we came across Leasehackr and Andy.
we have a great experience with Andy. not even single phone call just a few text regarding what we are looking for and my details for registration (not even credit score because he has a car for almost any credit score). We told him what we are looking for and he delivered. We really appreciate the work he did to get us what we wanted.
All we had to do was schedule an appointment for picking up the car.
we went drop off our old car (santa fe 2018) sign Finance papers got the new car keys and drove home all the process took about 30 minutes. there was no surprises no changes we got what we were expecting. Total great experience.

Thank you Andy!!!


Andy was great to work with in purchasing my new 2021 Hyundai Palisade. He’s responsive and answers all the questions you have. I had a lot of questions because this is my first lease. He’s easy to talk to and his pricing is transparent. And he doesn’t pressure you on your purchase. I would highly recommend if you’re in the market for a Hyundai.

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I signed and paid over a week ago… crickets since then… about to file a claim on my credit card for the refund.

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Same. Signed and paid about 2 weeks ago now. Radio silence ever since.

I sent text messages and pm’ed several times, but no response…

Same here, two weeks no response, followed up three times

I made it past the pretty bad quote process and am at the dealer as we speak. Price not as advertised. Charging an extra $400 for dmv fees even though it’s advertised as being included. Ran my credit last week and said it was fine, got here now (2 hour Uber ride) now it’s tier 4. Tried to call and text Andy many many times, no response. Either I pay the extra money or $150 Uber back home. Been here for 2 hours so far.

In this market if it takes you a week to get back to someone you are losing business, i was also trying to get a car with Andy, i was patient, waited 2 weeks back and forth, unfortunately price wasn’t anywhere near what was quoted, response time was very long, can’t communicate like that. Ended up getting the car from a random NY dealer for a lot cheaper. And Andy never charged me since he wasn’t able to get me the deal.

To be honest with you, I just emailed 2 local Hyundai dealers, told them exactly what i wanted, color ,mileage , model, lease length. And i said give me your best offer. They beat Andy’s dealer by $34 a month, that is because they were in NY and becuase they were able to offer the NY rebate , Andy’s dealer was Jersey and they couldn’t do it. It all started from his dealer telling me he quoted me wrong and that it will be 4$ more per month, which i agreed becuase it was a small difference and i understand mistakes happen. But later he told me that Andy forgot to include NY tax ( $2,000) which will raise my monthly by $55 , plus the $4 thats $59 a month over agreed upon quote. And for a car thats less than $200 a month thats a 25% increase. When i communicated with Andy, he assured me that all is included in the quote. Now as far as the rebates go i got 17k in rebates from my dealer, i dont know how much his would , since i never got a structured deal from him. His dealer told me $214 a month for NY registration, first month only DAS. I never intended to go anywhere but Andy, unfortunately the poor communication and the drastic price increase with no replies from Andy forced me to.

ThAnks for the update.

Same thing here as other people, waiting over 2 weeks, no reply from him, sad.


You are being heard. There are 2 core issues plaguing me right now:

  • Response Time (and erratic patterns of response)
  • Accuracy of Response (based on inventory levels, optional equipment, colors, dealers suddenly changing their mind, etc)

Unfortunately, these are directly related, and require further systemization to address. If I can’t improve these in tandem with a more streamlined system, they will suffer in tandem. Don’t worry! I don’t give up that easily, and am factoring in all of your feedback to bring the improvements you crave as soon as next Month.

As I alluded to, I am pausing taking on new leads right now. Through this “stress test” period I’ve had a good opportunity to dissect what works and what doesn’t. For example, NY and NJ EV pricing will revert to my original pricing format, where pricing will be split into separate sheets. Availability and market conditions (further impacted by cross-state dealer trade economics) are drastically different between the two states (w/state level incentive programs). This combination spreadsheet has caused a lot of confusion that I did not adequately predict.

I’ve been in business a long time, but car lease brokerage via an Internet Forum is still a relatively new model for me. With the pace, I haven’t yet been able to adapt everything I’ve learned into my process. But soon, I will!

Sorry that I couldn’t service everyone in April that wanted to use my brokerage. Fortunately, you have a ton of options for a new Hyundai! I have competitors right behind me that will happily serve you with similar deals on new Hyundais while I undergo restructuring.

I’ll be back with May programs soon! With that leading principle of “Response Time & Accuracy of Resonse Riding Tandem”. But, don’t just take my word for it. Test me in May & June. It will set the stage for the strongest possible revival of CHARGE UP NJ in July 2021!

:green_heart: Andy

Avoid at all costs. Total scam. I’ve bought on here from other brokers fine before, it’s a shame.

Robert, really sorry that I couldn’t get you what you wanted in the parameters you wanted.
Yours is a case that demonstrates how I need to wrangle the dealers better, and I’m working on it!

I am continously working on improving my process, and sorry that you have felt the adverse effect of that.

That being said, I’m not a Scam. I have not taken any money from you, and I do use industry-standard, well-trusted, PCI-compliant payment processing vendors to safeguard your payment card information (including from me).

I am, at worst, a time-sink. At extreme worst, a wasted trip to a dealership.
And hard at work on fixing that!

I’m sure you’re not the only recent customer that feels my performance is unacceptable, and I am happy to hear any and all feedback!

At best @AA-NJ is an idiot and at worst committing interstate felonies. Avoid at all costs - dm me if you need info.

Hi! My record-keeping is unfortunately still a little sloppy, but it’s highly likely that you’ve never been charged. I announced recently that I’ve switched over to fail-open refunds. There is a gap of up to 7 days that I allow myself to work on your deal after collecting a CC authorization.

If you check your Credit Card statement carefully and/or call the number on the back of your card, they’ll verify 99% of the time that my charges have only been authorized, but not posted.

7 days after authorization, if it hasn’t posted, it is literally, technically, impossible for me to charge you!

This is a technical measure to ensure that I don’t hold on to anyone’s money in the event that I lose track of their deal. That being said, pending charges may still show which (rightfully) give people a little pause.

I am Proud to say that I have zero credit card deputes (filed, won, or lost) to date, and would like to keep it that way! I only take payment via major CC in a PCI-compliant way so you’re always protected.

I try to be a “glass half full” kinda guy, so I’ll take “idiot at best”. My own family pretty much says exactly this (in jest) to me all the time.

Truth is, I do wish I was more competent at being a large-scale broker.

If you follow my journey, it’s been imperfect and chaotic, but a bunch of people have fallen in love with their Hyundais on the way and keep coming back to me in a way I didn’t really expect.