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Hi, I’m Andy,

This is the Review thread where customers can leave reviews about my
service. If you’re looking for the Deals thread, see here. The rest of this post
is my background and mission.

I am based out of NJ but work with Hyundai dealerships in the tri-state area.
Deals must be picked up at the dealer, but we aim to make pickup take 30 minutes
or less. I charge a $250 broker fee for all deals. Please note that most
Hyundai deals are eligible for a third-party BonusDrive rebate. I am not
affiliated with BonusDrive, but they will effectively cover my fee.

The best way to reach me for quotes on new vehicles is to text me directly at
551-204-8712. Please know which vehicle you want when you text and provide:

  • Your ZIP Code

  • Miles/year desired

  • Vehicle model and Trim level desired

  • Top 3 color preferences

  • Approx Credit score

  • Email address, leasehackr username, and contact preference

I joined the leasehackr community out of both curiosity and necessity. In 2019 I
used advice I found on this site to lease a 2019 Hyundai Ioniq EV. I drove that
car for over 6000 electrified miles and flipped it for a $3638 profit
; and
became totally obsessed with EVs and with leasing. But I quickly discovered that
the time-capsule business practices of most Hyundai dealers were not jiving with
EV sales. Hyundai dealers couldn’t comprehend why their hidden fees and popcorn
machines were turning away EV buyers, despite them being incredible competitors
to the other EVs on the US market. If I wanted to continue to enjoy driving
these awesomely inexpensive vehicles, I’d need a more structured approach for
leasing them. So, my brokerage business was born!

I follow a very simple, straightforward, and defined process for all my deals,
based on what I’ve seen working elsewhere on this site. I do EV, PHEV, and
regular Gas cars. I’m not yet offering Genesis yet because, frankly, if you’re
on this site looking for a Genesis, just find a German luxury car instead for
the same payment.

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