NJ EV shoppers: What's your plan this month? (Tax/Fee Changes)

i think about that every day, but it doesnt seem to change my life :weary:

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If the rule is being implemented July 1st, what’s with the rush to get it by 6/15? I’ve been seeing it a lot on this forum but haven’t seen any info on it.

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I spoke to an NJ dealer about this and they have no guidance from the state on how this will be implemented, when they will formally start billing the new reg fee, what the cost is for a 3 year EV reg vs 4 year.

Basically, they have no guidance and know nothing.

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Yea talking to the Chevy dealer I got my blazer EV from they looked at me like i was crazy and had no idea what I was talking about

My best guess is that there’s ~ 2 weeks of turnaround time you need to build in for paperwork, deal funding, title and finally registration. That’s probably on the cautious end of the spectrum but it’s something to consider. I would argue that it shouldn’t matter as long as the deal was consummated before July 1 but who knows what the state’s position will be?

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Almost all of the dealerships and salespeople I talked to while test driving in NJ didn’t even know about this rule.