NJ-1st Quote from Dealer for QX60 Pure AWD- Please Evaluate

New to leasing and trying to learn. At first glance it looks like there is not much of a discount and a bunch of miscellaneous fees. What do you guys think?

Have you browsed and searched the forum for this car?

For comparison I just got an offer for $0 money due at signing, no payment for the first month and $385 per month including tax. The MSRP of the car I was quoted on was slightly lower at $47K. I am in Michigan.

Sorry, I misread the document you uploaded. Looks like the MSRP on your quote and mine were actually the same.

Also, my quote was for 39 months and 12k miles per year.

Yes, I have. I know what the car should go for in this area. I am trying to learn how to read the dealer worksheet and what is a legitimate line item and what is a bogus charge. For example, I know what cap cost reduction is but how did the dealer come up with those numbers?

Several brokers and others have posted already pre-negotiated deals for both this and the luxe models for significantly lower. Why do the legwork when it has already been done for you?

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This post was intended to be more of an educational exercise. I don’t see any deals for Pure models this month except for the one you posted. Is that one still available? The graphite shadow?

the one i posted has an approved app on it but the car is yet to arrive at the dealer, so at this time, it’s spoken for. but luxes with essential package are still cheaper…